spook-tober reads: the hollow places

Imagine if you found the wardrobe to Narnia…only, instead of a wardrobe it was a hole in the drywall, and instead of a magical wonderland ruled by a Jesus-lion, it was a paper-thin nightmare world that trapped people in the “upside down.” Kara (lovingly referred to as Carrot by her quirky Uncle [who is mostContinue reading “spook-tober reads: the hollow places”

spook-tober reads: my best friend’s exorcism

My Best Friend’s Exorcism is a book about life in the 80s. It’s a book about demonic possession. It’s a book about classism. But more than absolutely anything, it’s a book about real, true, life-long friendship. Abby’s parents have fallen from high places and she’s the poor kid at a fancy private school on scholarship.Continue reading “spook-tober reads: my best friend’s exorcism”

spooktober reads: the hike

To start off my reading this spooky season, I read a recommendation from my husband. All he told me was that it was really weird, but I otherwise knew NOTHING about it. I really like going into books totally blind when I have a solid recommendation for it. I listened to the audiobook for thisContinue reading “spooktober reads: the hike”