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what’s on my shelf

I am a polygamist when it comes to my books. I read several books at once, usually three or four. And when I’m participating in buddy reads in my Discord book club, it can easily be more than that. The Vampire Lestat (Vampire Chronicles #2) by Anne RiceI really enjoyed Interview with the Vampire andContinue reading “what’s on my shelf”

using prophecies in fantasy without making eyes roll

Good ol’ stand-bys, ubiquitous fantasy tropes, are difficult to avoid. And sometimes we don’t want to avoid them. Goddammit, sometimes you just need a good, solid prophecy to write the story your want to write.  “It’s not my fault all these other people before me have written prophecies, too!” you say.  And you’d be right. Unfortunately, theyContinue reading “using prophecies in fantasy without making eyes roll”


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