spook-tober reads: the hollow places

Imagine if you found the wardrobe to Narnia…only, instead of a wardrobe it was a hole in the drywall, and instead of a magical wonderland ruled by a Jesus-lion, it was a paper-thin nightmare world that trapped people in the “upside down.”

Kara (lovingly referred to as Carrot by her quirky Uncle [who is most definitely the best]), is freshly divorced and trying to deal with her life and where it’s going. She returns to her uncle’s museum, The Museum of Wonders, to live and work and while she’s there she and her bff Simon discover the Wardrobe–er–the not-Wardrobe portal to another world.

Brimming with heart and humor, this horror read is refreshing in its voice and style. Kingfisher’s writing just really hits the perfect spot for me and this was no exception. I am excited about reading another horror novel of hers later this month….until then this book has given me plenty of nightmare fuel.

Happy reading!

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