ARC review: Beau is Non-Binary of Everything

My Overall Thoughts – 3/5

“But if my life was shorter…perhaps angels might start picking a hammer and chisel to build something eternal. Perhaps there might have been a David with broad wings spreading wide at his back.”

The writing in this book was poetic and beautiful, and that was its biggest draw. I enjoyed being carried along on the dreamy prose, experiencing the confusing human world through the sight of the angel. However, sometimes the prose got in the way of the story. Some of the turns of phrase were too flowery to make sense and I would have to stop and read them over to make sure I understood. Occasionally lines didn’t make much sense at all.

Character Development – 3.5/5

Kwon Cho’s struggles are shown to the reader through the eyes of Bella Beau, the angel, and we watch her grapple with her art and her place in the world and her desire to live. The events of her arc and her friendship with the angel were often touching and thought-provoking, but I feel like the prose sometimes kept the nuances of her struggles at a distance. It felt as if the purpose of the book was to be mystical and mysterious, so the finer points of character and plot are purposely left vague.

Story Structure – 2.5/5

Very little to comment on here. The structure was linear and simple. No complaints or compliments.

Tone/Style – 4.5/5

As I mentioned before, the writing was lovely. My only critique being that sometimes it was superfluously garbled.


Sex is mentioned and briefly discussed in relation to the angel’s ability to understand human intimacy.

My Final Thoughts

Overall, it was a sweet little novella that I enjoyed getting to experience. It could have been made amazing by a little closer editing. If you like poetical, high-conceptual writing, this is probably for you.

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