characters to love

About two years ago, I casually turned on a television show I’d heard mentioned a few times. I was in a kind of gloomy mood and something set in the gloomy Scottish highlands sounded perfect. I turned on Outlander just to see if I’d be into it.

I most definitely was.

After watching the entire show (through four seasons at that point), I decided to give the books a shot. I read the first book twice because I loved it so much and now I’m working my way through the entire massive series of tomes and pretty much loving every minute of it.

Gabaldon clearly does a lot of research to create her works. The history, the science, the people are so detailed and fleshed out. There is a LOT of content. Some people who give these books poorer reviews complain about the length.

But I personally love spending time in this world. I adore Gabaldon’s characters and I’m happy to spend hour after hour reading about their lives. I have often wished myself to be in Claire’s situation…a modern woman thrown back into history (not to mention the sexy Scot husband lol) and I enjoy her challenges and gumption so much.

I just finished reading The Fiery Cross, book 5 in this 10-book series and I had a grand ol’ time. I already have book 6 queued up to go on my TBR.

Perhaps I’ll be ready to read Book 9 when it’s released this November..!?!?! We’ll see.

Happy reading!

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